Monday, July 10, 2006

brown skin and bloodshot eyes

holy man. i am exhausted. it was a long trip for two days, but it was definitely a great time. i just wasn't prepared to feel like death when i woke up this mornig - two hours late for work!!!! no matter though, they are pretty cool. i'll just skip lunch and stay a bit late today.

got a great tan this weekend - managed to religously reapply sunscreen and not burn....but i am a yummy carmely brown :) except my lips. it seems that no matter how hard i try, even if i reapply sunscreen on my lips every hour, they always get burned. maybe i need to try zinc.

didn't sleep much over the weekend though. left at 4 am saturday monring, got back at 1:30 am monday morning. keith got even less sleep than i did since he dind't get back from going out satuyrday nigth until 8:30 sunday morning...i turned in at about 3AM cuz i am a ligth weight.

i'm still super exhausted, so you'll hve to excuse the typos. no, i'm not drunk, jus ttired. i had a total of two beers the whole weekend. just wans't quite in the mood i suppose.

the tourney was great, the hotel was nice, the pool was nicer and the 2 hour boat ride we had in the bay was the best. i opted to not watch the world cup but rather sit in the pool and enjoy the crowd response for a distance. it was a much better decision since I could have given a rats ass about who won. There were lots of frenchies around though - so it did make it exciting to listen to. they were all pretty heartbroken that they lost!

it really was a great time! also got to meet lots of great rugby players from around mexico and the world. They really are a nice bunch of boys! i'll have pics soon, i'm sure.....i'll post as soon as Keith downloads them and puts them on photobucket.

until then - back to work. only two more sleeps until i get to see pat o'brien! and our new house! whoo hoooO!OOOOO!OOOO!

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