Thursday, July 20, 2006

Forgive my absence

I got home on Monday night, but have not felt much like blogging....mostly because I didn't want to make myself more sad by recounting all the wonderful things that happened this weekend. I had serious homesickness this time - worse than the last. I thought it was getting better, but alas, it has not.

I think it was worse this time because Pat O'Brien and I spent the time together in our new house / neighborhood.....and I loved it! The condo looks so awesome with our stuff in it (well, mostly his until I move in) and our neighborhood is so cute! It made me not want to leave - I want to start our life together NOW - not wait until February. It made me want to move my repatriation date up to November....but alas, I wouldn't be able to finish my projects and I would get slapped with all sorts of crazy taxes - so its best to wait til the beginning of next year. Mark my words though, if I can finagle a earlier than scheduled return, you can bet I will!

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