Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Miscelaneous stuff

I've been yelled at for not keeping more current......I really will try to get back to my regular posting schedule. Its been difficult though - usually I update at work, and for some reason our firewall has been blocking blogger, and on top of that I've actually been pretty busy. They finally have realized that I am leaving come hell or high water in February, and that I really need to have the lab time and resources dedicated to finishing my objectives. I finally have sent out some cylinders that should have been tested at 28 days...and now they are at 128. WTF!?!?! Anyway, it feels good to be busy.

Tonight Keith, myself and some new friends Jamie and Omar (from Keith's work) went to Wednesday night 27 peso movie night at the move theatre. We wanted to see Superman, but it was all sold out by time we got there....which is fine because if I see Superman I want to see it in 3D at IMAX......anyway, we decided to see "Viviendo con mi Ex".....or living with my Ex....or, the Breakup with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. Actually pretty darn good. It was very real. Also very cool because of all the Chicago Shots / and thats my future home! They even mentioned a little bit of Ann Arbor (something about Michigan vs Notre Dame game). I really dug it.

It made me a bit emotional at one point where they are standing in an empty home with everything packed up and ready to move made all these raw emotions flood back from after Troy and I split up and sold the house and embarked on our new lives. I was bawling....and after the movie when I tried to explain to the crew why I was crying I just started to cry more....then, after talking to Pat O'Brien he told me nonchalantly mentioned the Gyno called and left a message...."No big deal". HA! Its never "not a big deal" when the doctor is calling you back after a pap smear and blood work. UGH. Just one more thing for me to freak out about.

OK, time to do yoga and head to bed. Hope all is well in cyber land.....if you're out there....reading....leave me a little comment or feels good to know that I'm not out here talking to myself.

Hasta Lluego!


Anonymous said...

OK here is a comment. :)
You and Keith need to give more updates.
My belly is getting BIG!
You better be coming to town in November. My trip to Michigan was a good one how was your's.
Keep updating or send me an email.
Your cousin Ronda

Anonymous said...

Okay Muchaca - I read all of your blogs - let's me know that I am not alone.....Chana

Anonymous said...

OK, I started to get teary-eyed too - so stop it. luvy, luvy mom

Beth said...

I LOVED THE BREAK UP. Such a great flic.