Monday, July 31, 2006


Mondays. They almost always suck my ass. They especially suck my ass when I have a splitting migraine. They also especially suck my ass when I have had a migraine since Sunday afternoon. And when the only reason I peeled my no-seeing-out-of-my-left-eyeball-because-there-is-an-arrow-poking-through-it ass out of bed was to discuss this week’s testing program with Javier and I find out he’s on vacation all week. While I’m here I might as well attempt to get some work done – with my door closed and lights off in my office. Ugh. I hate this!

Although my hypochondriac self would like to think that my increased frequency of migraines is the result of a large tumor growing in my head, the more practical side of me realizes, or hypothesizes, that it is more likely the result of the increased nasal/sinus irritation that this great country brings, in addition to the increased amount of stress of just living here. The air quality is soooo crappy, I am always having issues with allergies and sinuses and other such crappy debilitating irritating things. Which makes me think I should go see an allergist, but I really don’t feel like A) finding one, B) trying to find the office and C) trying to explain in Spanish, my life history of allergies? A few people have recommended going to a homeopathic doctor – but I really just think they’re kooks, and if you don’t believe in the practice, there is no chance of their methods working. Maybe if my mood improves I’ll look for a specialist later today.

OK, enough of my crabbiness…..this weekend was fun – Friday Keith went out with the Wall Street crew and I just chilled at home making a gift for our friend Martha’s birthday. Her party was Sunday. On Saturday after Keith got out of work we went to Dos Rios to see the end of the Rugby tournament….which the Wallabies won! WHoooHOOO! I also managed to buy some fun Mexico Rugby shirts too, which is always a bonus. Keith was still hung over, so we didn’t stay long, and when we got back to Toluca we decided to get some grub at Texas Ribs in the mall. It was pretty yummy, but the baked potato left much to be desired.

Sunday we went to Martha and Fernando’s house, where we met their family and went to a neighbor's (who also shared the same birthday) for some barbacoa and beer. It was a really nice afternoon – a bit on the warm side when in the sun, but really nice when the clouds passed by or when we were in the shade. Maybe 80° tops. No humidity – just sunshine! Not like the 100°F searing humid head that is piercing the mid west and California right now. I hope that passes soon.

After we got home I started feeling woozy – and a migraine soon followed. I don’t normally get barfy when it comes to migraines – usually just sensitivity to light, and once in a while sound – so when I was barfy I couldn’t take the drugs to get rid of the migraine because they usually make my stomach a bit upset, and to me, being nauseated sometimes is worse than having a migraine. Sometimes. I tried everything else to get rid of it. Yogic stretching, nice long shower, my new neck massager. I should have taken the meds though because nothing else seems to work.

So, that’s about it. I am going to sleep under my desk now. Maybe that will help.


eunice said...

I can totally relate to your Monday experience. Plus, I've been getting migraines more frequently lately as well... And to top it off, I did think of the possibility that I had a brain tumour... Good to know that there's someone else out there who's as much of a hypochondriac as I am. Guess that's why we became roomies.

Karin said...

PPPwwwwhahaha!!!! We can have brain tumors together :o) I love you Eun - thanks for making me feel somewhat normal!