Wednesday, February 28, 2007

frickin frackin sonova....


since we got in trouble for not notifying "The Board" of my move in on Monday, I decided to be ULTRA cautious and call yesterday just to make sure that they were aware the Salvation Army was coming today to take a few boxes out. We're talking, like 6 boxes, a couple of shelves, and some miscellaneous house tools. The chick said OK great, and she also told us that "The Board" wasn't going to enforce the fine this time, as a warning. I was all like, "Yippie! I don't have to feed the dragons $250!!!" and very happy that I called.

This morning, as I'm standing guarding the front gate (per "The Board" regulations), some old dude (obviously not someone who lives here) comes in and our conversation goes something like this:

Old Dude (saying to no one in particular): Who's moving in?
Me (yelling across the courtyard to him): No one. I'm donating some items to Salvation Army. Hence the Salvation Army parked out front. I notified "The Board" yesterday.
Old Dude: Why aren't you using the back entrance?

**side note** The back entrance is a patio door that is essentially the fire exit. It has stairs that go up and down every six feet or so, and they don't shovel that area so it is always inevitably icy and snowy and dangerous (not to mention HORRIBLY inconventient) to even take a bag of trash out to the back alley, let alone a dolly with a ton of boxes and shelves. **end side note**

Me: Um....I wasn't aware that we had to use the back entrance. I called and talked to Luanna and she didn't mention any specific instructions except giving notification that someone was going to be taking boxes out of the house.
Salvation Army Super Cool Guy: I told her we wouldn't use the back entrance because its too icy and dangerous, so its my fault.
Old Dude: Well, I'll have to go review the rules and regulations, but I thought you had to move in and out of the back entrance.
Me: OK - whatever. I'm Karin by the way (outstretch hand)
Old Dude: Alan. Gold.

Salvation Army Super Cool Guy (after Dude walks out): Who the hell was that guy? A busybody neighbor or landlord or something?

I'm really not exactly sure who the old dude was....I think Alan Gold might be the A Gold in AP Gold Realty (the management company). It doesn't matter who it was - he was just an old, curmudgeonly guy. Period.

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