Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sleep, little bear...

Man-o-geez. Liam is having quite the change of bedtime behavior these past few days. First off, he's only taking one nap...but its only an hour long (instead of 2+). Second, he's exhausted by bed time, and he JUST. doesn't. want. to sleep. We do our normal routine (books, prayers, milk = sleepy), and after this he used to go down like a champ. He has for quite a while now. No fuss, no nothin.

Now, he just screams and screams and makes himself gag from crying so hard. Totally breaks my heart. We don't want to go the whole "cry-it-out" route because it just doesn't seem to work for him (remember - different methods work for different kids - no one size fits all answer!). So, after a few minutes, I'll go back in, pick him up, head out to the living room and grab another book to read. After that, he seems to be calmed down enough to go to bed. I can't stay IN the bedroom because he won't calm down. Its frustrating!! I don't know if he's afraid of something, or what the heck it is......any suggestions??

I just want my poor little bear to sleep :(

::::::::::::::::::::::::: NEWS FLASH :::::::::::::::::::::::::

Its gonna be cold tomorrow, if you haven't heard. Makes me feel like I should have gone out on all those 15 degree days. 15 degrees feels like a heat wave compared to -30. You know its going to really be cold when the networks start shoving reporters out in the street to freeze their asses off, just to verify "Yes, it IS cold". Pat and I like to laugh at them :) We're such nice people!

Liam and I have are supposed to have our music class tomorrow at Merry Music Makers....we'll have to wait and see if we can actually make it there. I don't think I want to wait for the bus with lil' man in artic temps. Quite the bummer, because its actually pretty close, but just far enough away, and Liam's not a fan of keeping completely covered up...we'll have to see if it all pans out.

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jillacarter said...

Big hugs to you! I hope you figure out why he is not sleeping!