Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ups and downs.

I suppose Parenthood is way too similar to a violent, thrashing, exciting, scary, super fun roller coaster. In order to get those high highs, you've got to come crashing down at some point too. Yesterday I had quite possibly the most perfect of days - Liam was happy, not too whiney, interactive but not clingy. He indulged me and my camera, and we had a great time playing lots of different games. But, he was content to play by himself too. We managed to get out of the house without too much drama, and had a nice time playing at the Swedish American Museum again.

Today is the polar opposite. I didn't get to shower. It took a lot of brute strength I had to wrangle Liam into his too small snowpants and get us bundled up to walk in the 15 degree cold. Liam did NOT want to cover his face with a scarf - the zipper of his coat (which has been on the fritz for the past week) officially gave out and I had to rig it (using pliers and a screwdriver) to get it to stay closed. We *had* to get out of the house to go to a music class that I was sooo very much looking forward to attending. Had I not been so excited for this class I would have totally given up and stayed inside.

It was much colder than I expected outside. The bus was no where to be seen and the wind was whipping straight into our faces.

We get to class. Liam was velcroed to me the entire time, and completely freaked out every time the teacher broke out the guitar. I had to use every ounce of my being to not loose it and start crying in the middle of class. I probably would have if the teacher hadn't been so great and the mood of the class so welcoming and warm. I really enjoyed myself when Liam wasn't crying, even if he wasn't participating much. Liam did really dig the drum sticks and the instrument play. At the end of class the teacher (Madame Julie) reassured me that some kids just need a little time to adjust, and he'll get acclimated as he gets used to the routine. I knew that, but it was still nice to hear as well.

Really, it was mostly my fault. Class time (9:30) is just about snack time, and I didn't feed him before we went. Lesson learned. Hopefully next week will be better.

Besides all this every diaper change has been like a limb amputation.....I have to miss Thursday Playgroup yet again because of his one nap schedule....and every time I get NEAR the computer he runs toward me and turns the whine up to 11. And, my friends, its not even noon yet. But, alas, after a yogurt and banana snack, now the babe sleeps.

I've used a lot of coping skills today. Mostly stepping back, taking a deep breath or two, and counting to three. Those are good skills to have and to practice, right? And rest assured, the roller coaster will go up again, and I will continue to enjoy the ride.

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