Monday, January 10, 2005

Attack of the killer clownfish

My arm is temporarily disabled because I was cleaning my tank. Usually, cleaning the tanks do not cause agony or pain. Now, however, my fish are becoming sexually mature.

Why does that matter, you ask?

The female clownfish becomes very defensive of her "house" - which in this case is an anemone. Species from the tomato and maroon complexes are particularly ferocious (this particular species, Amphiprion Melanopus, is from the tomato complex). Yeah a clownfish. She may be only two inches long, but she's got the teeth of a pirahna! Remember, clownfish do NOT equal funny!

Anyway, so she defends the anemone ferociously and apparantly she thought I was getting to close. She bit my hand, scared the crap out of me, which made me jerk my arm back and burn my elbow on the lightbulb and scrape my arm all on the side.

*sigh* On a serious note.....

I'm just talked a bit more with Eric Lopezmalo - he's a logistics guy who is from Apasco doing an assignment here. I'm trying to get more insight into living / working in Mexico.......its such an advantage to have many Mexican employees! They are so willing to share their experiences with me!

We talked about the major cement suppliers in Mexico, marketshare, specifications, etc. Its always very helpful to talk to him! He assured me wherever we end up, there will always be a network of people available to help us settle in, as long as we work on developing the network. He also said maid service is aproximately $5 a day. Yeah, I could get used to that!

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Me said...

That sounds like something that would happen to me. Ouch! But damn, kinda funny. Killer Clownfish. Damn females. They all suck. But do they all suck well....?