Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Tomorrow is a new day

So, after my terrible day yesterday, today is looking much better! Not so much the situation, but the perspective has improved. I suppose my emotions go up and down more than the roller coasters at Cedar Point - but such is my life. Thank you all who took the time to tell me to Cheer Up :) The thoughts are much appreciated.

I think its even more appreciated that people actually read this blog. It makes me feel, well, Loved !

Heart Shell

And frankly, thats a nice feeling to have (from someone other than Troy anyway - he makes me feel loved all the time!)

Anywho - I suppose I should get back to work - I've got piles (literally) of stuff on my desk just calling my name.


Me said...

Um, Karin, it's been over a week>?

EEWW14 said...

Yeah, what's up? Haven't heard any new news in a while. Did you decide to make a run for the border job offer or not?