Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I had a brief but good meeting this morning with the HR Coordinator of Apasco. Claudio Alcayaga traveled from Mexico City to meet with many people in a jam packed two day schedule. Of course, it snows this morning, and my 20 minute commute turned into an hour commute. Although I was planning on getting into the office early, I ended up right on time.

Our HR person Jessica said it was an informal meeting, but I was still a bit nervous. OK, a LOT of bit nervous.

Its 8:30 and I'm waiting. Then its 8:45 and I'm waiting. I'm thinking - OK - this is a classic display of Mexican culture (come on, we all know the concept of Mexican Time), and my meeting will continue for a full half hour, no matter when it starts. So I don't worry about letting them know that I'm waiting. Finally, at 8:47, his previous meeting ends and I get to meet him. We start talking and I talk about things running a bit late.......And he says - "That primarily applies to social events.....The business culture is changing. At Holcim Apasco we try to adhere to more a Swiss way of business".


Needless to say because he was traveling down to Dundee for more meetings, ours was cut a bit short. Not to say that it wasn't a positive meeting. In fact, in that short 15 minutes it made my travel to Mexico seem more and more like a sure thing. And, now I know my HR contact for the duration of my assignment. A face to put to the name.....And lets just say he's easy on the eyes ;)
I asked if he had any specifics worked out with the lab, and they didn't. But he said he did talk to the Lab coordinator (Ricardo) and they are definitely exited about having me and could definitely utilize my qualifications.

I asked if he had any questions about my qualifications. He said no, because I was highly recommended by Vicente Galdeano (VP of Manufacturing, Central Division) he has no doubts of my abilities, and he's sure it would be a great experience for me. I guess Vicente turned out to be a good man to know!

Next steps: arranging the details of the assignment - i.e. who pays for what part of the relocation, my salary, living expenses, etc. All that is pretty much up to Jessica and Claudio. Then planning a visit for Troy and I......It looks like that could take place sometime in the Spring - I'm thinking March or April.


Me said...

Can we hear more about the status of your arm and the frisky clownfish?

april1258c said...

OK, I just talked with the janitor here - who has an engineering degree and is from Mexico but he took the job here to learn english and gets paid crap and always gets the shit jobs here and is the only one who really works here and always does a great job and I don't know why he doesn't get an engineering job and make tons of money...............

Anyway, he knows where Toluca is - it is a capital of a state in Mexico - I can't remember which one. He said it was a very nice town.

Our problem now is that we have been promising Karli a trip to Disney World since 2001 - she turned 10 - but you got married two days before her birthday and we couldn't go. Then dad died the next year two days before her birthday and we couldn't go. Then I can't remember what happened in 2003 that we couldn't go and in 2004 we have grandpa Mayer living with us so we couldn't go. Now this year when we really promised her we would take her you decide to move to Mexico. Let's see.... Disney World.............Mexico. What would your choice be?

Love you

Karin said...

OK - lets go to DisneyWorld and then we can go to Mexico at Epcot..........