Wednesday, January 05, 2005

OK, so I lied again

So, I'm not an expat yet. But hopefully I will be if all goes as planned in the next six months. Until then, this site will be an update on current goings on with the planning and relocation. After the relo, then this site will become a way for me to tell wild crazy tales of my experiences in Mexico.

Of course, I'm not poetic or born with a gift of writing (although I wish I was that my friend Beth...... check her out at again at (side note - Sorry B, you're just going to have to deal with the fact that you're my inspiration for writing. AND you're my only friend that has officially published a book. )Everything that comes out of her mouth, or rather her head, sounds sooooo good!) so this will NOT be an experience for the literary mind. What it will be is a journey into my head and my life.

I will make plenty of mistakes. Hopefully you will have fun laughing at them. Just don't correct me - or else the comments section could get pretty long very quickly!


Me said...

Ah, Karin, the gift of blogging is that you don't need to be a "writer." Im so psyched you've joined the cult, er, um, gang? Btw, did you know that ABC's "Person of the year" was indeed "bloggers." Which is ironic on many different levels, the primary one being that bloggers refers to "people" not "person" and secondarily that it gives props to "the little people" and not someone famous like Karl Rove, who btw, was Barbara Walter's "Most Fascinating Person of 2004"-YES IM GOING TO BARF NOW and shower later. Hey, im at work...And im working...Yes, Working...

Anonymous said...

Find comfort in knowing by being born in this country you are by every right already an expat! Remember, your founding fathers were all wearers of that title in their so to speak, "day"! :)
anyway, your site makes me giggle. Lupe and I read it and decided though you are in fact an engineer, somewhere deep inside lurks a more litterary mind!

Have fun in Mexico!

Autumn & Lupe