Sunday, January 30, 2005

Extra Prayers Anyone?

Yesterday morning, at 9:30am, my grandfather passed away during his morning nap. This comes after battling a long war with emphesyma and recurrent staph infections, which left him in a hospital the last month of his life.

He was a great man, strong and silent type. Born in Standish in 1920ish - He did what most small town boys did. Grew up on a farm, moved to the Big City of Detroit to find work in a factory. Served his country in the Army during WWII, came back, found a girl, got married and had a family. He loved hunting, euchre and beer like any god fearing Michigan man should :)

He was a great grandpa. Funny, yet firm - loving and proud. Piercing blue eyes. He didn't talk a whole lot, but when he did he had the potential to be hilarious. Reminds me a lot of my dad.....when he was joking around he had a way of making everything believable.

He will be greatly missed.


Me said...

My sincerest of condolescenses to you and your family Karin. You will be in my jewish prayers, when i actually get my act together and go to temple.

EEWW14 said...

Your Grandfather undoubtedly led a wonderful life that was enriched by having such wonderful grandchildren as you and your siblings. I'm very sorry, take care, and hugs to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I miss Papa too Karin. You're right - he WAS a great grandpa. Sorry I made you give up the title of favorite granddaughter :). Anyways, I just wanted to drop a line and say that it was cool hanging out with you these past few days even though it was a sad occasion. See ya.

Your awesome cousin,