Friday, January 07, 2005

Science note o' the day

I'm fascinated with the whole Tsunami story. (of which I get regular emails from......Mainly for Trading Spaces updates) sent an email today with this link. Its computer generated animation - but the images were captured by earth orbiting radars.

It makes me Shiver. It also makes me very happy to live in Michigan. Where the most we have to deal with is a lot of rain and snow.

Come to think of it, Toluca is at the base of a volcano - close to a very active seismic zone. A friend who lived in Toluca most her life said the earthquakes don't do damage there because the soil is volcanic rock - very solid - As opposed to the spongy earth below Mexico City. I'm not sure if that is comforting or not.........



EEWW14 said...

Okay Mrs. Kelsey, I want you to know that I created an account just so I could post on your BLOG! It seemed lonely for comments. So here's my comment - Mexico! Fantastico! That sounds like an awesome experience. Buy a big house so Simon and I can come and visit, Okay? In other news, can you believe it's been 10 friggin years since we graduated? Oops, maybe you don't want your bloggers to know that. Sorryio. We're old groovy chic! That means our reunion is coming up. I volunteer you to host it in Mexico! I worked at Epcot for almost three years, can I claim that I worked in Mexico, Italy, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Japan, and China? I worked lots of 10 hour shifts so it's almost like I lived there. What do you think? Can I use that to make my BLOG more exciting? Because, now, the only semi-exciting stories I have to tell are tales from a failing public school system. They're very depressing and I don't think many people will read it. Ah well, but I'll definatly be telling my freinds to read your BLOG! Well my amigo, take care, practice your espanol, and I will now post on your BLOG. I hope you find my contributions meaningful. My boring BLOG site that I created just to post this!!! is
Love ya,

Karin said...

Ha! Lucy! You've been sucked in :) Thats how it started with me too!

Its good to know someone is reading my random thoughts, and if it were up to me, yes, you're stints at Epcot would count as living there!