Thursday, February 01, 2007

day one

We left Toluca Mexico behind us at about 6:30 AM, with Keith behind the wheel first. We were both anxious to get the hell out of Dodge - Keith so much so that whilst jammin out to some 311 he managed to miss the exit to the highway........and since turn arounds are few and far between, we took about a 30 minute detour to get us back on track.

No big deal though :)

We made stops every couple hours due to my new cheerleader (read: tiny) bladder I have been experiencing of late (hmm.....maybe Pat O'Brien is rubbing off on me?), but Keith didn't mind driving the first 6 hours of the trip. I drove the next four, then Keith for a bit, then me across the border. There was little to see or do across Mexico except drive 100 mph and keep your eyes peeled for Federales.

There was an American Caravan of about for cars - us included - that traversed a good chunk of Mexico (San Luis Potosi through Monterrey - about 500 miles or so) going at least 90 mph....minimum. I yelled at Keith on our trip down here last year for going
100 mph, but when I was behind the wheel I understood why. There is NOTHING but cactus, desert and the occasional burro.....its hard to NOT drive so fast!

We passed through two military check points without so much as a second glance, and we did encounter quite a few Federal Police - one which I was FOR SURE was going to pull us over, but they didn't.

I did decide to pass on a random act of kindness and pay a $50 peso toll for a car behind me.......we caught up to them at a rest area about 5 hours later and the guy was like - "um, did you mean to pay for another car?" I told them nope, I was just trying to be nice. It felt pretty good I tell you! I highly recommend doing unsuspecting things for random people.

After canceling our permission for the car, crossing the border, and checking into our hotel we had a nice dinner at Chili's before calling it a night. This morning I woke up, worked out at the gym, we had a good breakfast and we're just getting ready to hit the road again. I didn't have any plan except to make it to the US in one day, and we've done that, so we're just going to play the rest of the trip by ear.

Thank you God for a safe Trip - AMEN!

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