Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh. My. God.

Have you ever seen the TLC Show Clean Sweep? Thats what I feel like right now - the condo is INUNDATED with stuff. The movers came yesterday morning and brought in the 60 or so boxes....then unpacked them for me too. We decided to take that option because it is such a pain in the ass to take out the garbage - and I wasn't looking forward to lugging boxes and a TON of packing material around. So they unpacked took all the garbage with them.

**side note** We didn't know (or rather, forgot) to call the management company that I was moving in that day - so we could face a $250 fine. I just about flipped!!!!! What the heck? And if we did notify them what would we get? Nothing. UGH. But, rules are rules I guess - and if I had bothered to read the Rules and Regulations of the Association the three weeks I was living here I would have known to let them know. Lets not forget that I only had minimal notification myself (they called Friday night to deliver on Monday morning). Whatev. They can kiss my patootie. I guess that is just part of dealing with living in the city. **end site note**

My boss so graciously agreed to let me stay home this week to unpack and rearrange. I'm slowly but surely going through our things, making a donation pile, sorting things out that need to go into storage - etc. I've made my way, more or less, through the kitchen, and now I'm just trying to get the rest into manageable piles. I've also managed to not be too stressed out so far, which is good I think. Usually when the movers drop everything off I cry my eyeballs out. But in a way, right now, it feels good - I'm really making this home "Ours" instead of just "His" and that is a great transition!!

Oh, Pat did make it home on Sunday night after canceling his Southwest return ticket and coming home on Delta. He made it sometime around the end of the Oscars (which, by the way, I thought were fabulous). He conveniently had to leave around 12-ish, right around when the movers were just starting to unpack. He'll come home tomorrow night, pending no major snowstorms here or in Minneapolis. I hope to have the majority of the stuff sorted / separated by then. It might appear as if he's shirking, but really, I'd rather him be gone so I can settle in myself. Does that make sense?

I guess its time to get back to work....maybe lunch first though....tootle-loo!

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