Saturday, February 24, 2007

Baby Its Cold Outside!!

Poor poor me - with no one to cuddle :( Pat is still in Orlando - and still sick. We're hoping he still can make it home tomorrow morning, but its not lookin' good. Southwest already canceled all the flights for tonight, so unless the ice / wintery mix holds off until late tomorrow (which, judging by the howling wind and sleet hitting the windows right now, it won't) he probably won't be home at 9:00AM.

That's a picture I took today on my way home from the Museum of Science and Industry...the lake was looking rather angry with all the cold cold wind, so I stopped at a park to take some photos of the splashes and came across a couple of trees that were all icy from the splashes. They looked so cool! That's Navy Pier in the background - you can see the ferris wheel!

I was on my way back from the MSI because I met my primo (cousin for all you non-Spanish speakers) Will there after my wedding dress fitting. He and his wife are members, so we got to check it out for free! Definitely cool on its own, but even cooler when its free! We saw baby chicks hatching, entire cities reconstructed into model train thingies, an OmniMax movie (Hurricane on the Bayou) and some Switzerland crazy ball thing. I know - I'm so descriptive! It was awfully cool hangin out with him - its like having a friend already built into Chicago! He and Amberlicious (his wife) live about a half hour or so away from us in Des Plaines. I'm sure we'll get to see each other lots!

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