Sunday, February 18, 2007

I swear, I'm alive

Ok people - lets give me some time to settle in here before I get more grief for not updating! I don't have a regular routine yet, and I'm sure once I do, I will be posting more regularly.

Besides, there hasn't been much to report on anyway. I've been trying to find the motivation to complete my final two reports from my Mexico assignment (with no luck so far). I'm blaming the games we downloaded for Wii - Super Mario Brothers from old school Nintendo, and Super Mario World from Super Nintendo. We also downloaded Super Mario Kart for Nintendo 64, but I haven't been able to get into that much cuz I stink so bad. We've pretty much been obsessed with playing those since my air shipment arrived with my wireless modem (which was, I dunno - Tuesday maybe?). Oh, and my early Valentine's Day present to Pat was two classic controllers so we could actually play the games :) How romantic am I!?!

I just got word that my land shipment just cleared US Customs, and it is on its way to Naperville for storage. Then I'll have to arrange a delivery date. I'm actually quite impressed, I didn't expect it until at least early to mid March.

We've got shit piles of snow lately, but it was rather warm yesterday and sunshiney so its mostly melted and gone. It definitely was a shock to my system, having to cover all parts of my body thoroughly before heading outside.....I guess I should get used to it though,right? I'll be here for a while!

OH! Our weekend projects....well, we've successfully installed wardrobes from IKEA, but we wanted to turn the 2nd bedroom / office closet into something a little more useful. We decided on the ELPHA system from The Container Store (which was on sale this weekend too! 30% off!!!) and it was MEGA easy! And, it looks absolutely fantastic. Honestly, I think we had the whole thing assembled and installed in less than 90 minutes. A much better experience than IKEA! I think it helped that we had an assembly run through with the closet design people too....oh, and she helped us decided what we wanted and needed to have in there as far as shelves, spacing, etc. We're very happy with it! Here's the before and after shots:

:::::::::::::::::::::: BEFORE ::::::::::::::::::::::

:::::::::::::::::::::: AFTER ::::::::::::::::::::::

Looks pretty good eh? I also picked up some clear shoe storage boxes, and another shelving unit for the bottom of one of Pat's closets.

Also this weekend - our first whole house cleaning session. It took us about 4 hours, but really should have only been two - we spent two hours fighting about it :) No worries now though - all is calm in paradise once again!

So really, all we have left to do is make another large donation to goodwill again once all my stuff arrives, and then get the other stuff into storage that we can't keep here, and we'll be in really good shape! I might actually feel like its my house after that! I'm almost there now......but until everything has a place I still feel a little off, know what I mean?

OK, Pat is playing Super Mario Brothers without me, so I

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