Friday, February 02, 2007

day two

Laredo to Sherman, Texas. 10 hours and we're still in the same state!!! Not much to report here - now that we're in the US we've been driving like normal people, seeing as how your actions actually bring consequences here :) Texas is flat. And there was lots of rain around the Dallas area ......not to mention we hit Dallas right at rush hour (thats what happens when I plan to not plan).

No cheerleader bladder issues, but I did have a nice bout of diarrhea in the morning. Luckily I had some immodium close at hand (hey, I DID live in Mexico for over a year, remember? never go too far without that stuff) so it subsided....after we stopped three times in 45 minutes.

We're about ready to take off now - it is currently snowing here, but nothing we can't handle. I'll let you all know when we're safe and sound in Chicago!

Thank you God for a safe trip AMEN!!!

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