Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sorry Sorry Sorry!

I just realized (thanks to some pointing out from friends) that I never posted that we arrived safe and sound in Chicago.

So - officially - WE'RE HERE!!!!

We got in late Friday night, and I've pretty much taken an internet break since, what's been going on? Well......

Keith went home on Sunday with my parents who were so gracious to drive down in the inclement weather and pick him up. Pat and I went to IKEA and bought a whole bunch of stuff so we can have a home office and a place to put all my clothing. We started to put together the wardrobe, but we kind of sort of put the doors on wrong :) oopsie! Pat put everything else together while I am away (I'm in Dundee right now for some super training). The other wardrobe and door fix will have to wait til I get home tomorrow afternoon.

I did have a chance to have lunch and dinner with old friends, which is always enough to put me in a REALLY good mood! And the training has actually been really good, which is always a bonus!

This weekend I have a scrappy thing on Saturday morning, and then we'll be putting together the rest of the furniture. Oh, and we have an appointment with a photographer tomorrow too! I'm getting married in 6 weeks!

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Beth said...

I'm getting married sooner :)