Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Visitors and being Ticked off

I have more visitors coming to México today! My friend Lisa is in Querétaro for work, so Keith and I will be traversing to go have dinner tonight. It’s a bit like driving to Grand Rapids from Ann Arbor for the evening, but the distance doesn’t bother me at all – especially since Keith will be driving home. I’m super excited to see some more familiar faces!


So my company is supposed to write a letter to my landlord as well as my new car people to essentially vouch for me, and say that if I don’t pay that Apasco will. I can't believe that any company would do that, but whatever. Well, I needed these letters like two weeks ago, and I’m still waiting. I’m starting to get a bit PO’d, especially since the real estate lady called me last night and said that she was going to have to take the house away from us if we don’t get that letter. I really hate being threatened, even more so when it involves being HOMELESS!!!! I do understand her frustration, but geez – telling us she’s going to kick us out? That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it?

I’m going to start being “That Person” and call HR every two hours on the hour until its done if I don’t get it soon. I also have had my boss and my bosses boss team up too, so I’m hoping I will get some results……soon!

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