Saturday, April 15, 2006

Beautiful Day

Its a beautiful day outside, while I am sitting on the patio writing this blog. Outside on the deck is the only place that I can steal wireless internet.....good thing its not raining :) Pat O'Brien and I took a scenic run of Carrollton this morning. It was the first time I actually ran since my surgery. I didn't run tons, maybe 1/2 mile at the most, but it felt good. Well, right now I am a little swollen, but it felt good while I was run/walking.

Coming home was a very good thing for me. It feels good to do silly things like go to Meijer with my family and grocery shop, or go to family video to try to find the 10 commandments. And, the coolest thing is that Austin finally knows who I am! Its pretty terrific for him to cuddle with me, and hear him call me Tia Karin, and ask me all his "Why?" questions (which is his current phase).

However, apparently American food gives me diarrhea. How ironic is that?

So, plans for the rest of the is pretty much just a chill day, we'll have cake and ice cream for Mom's and Austin's birthday. Tomorrow is dinner for the family, and then Pat O'Brien and I will head back to ChiTown. Monday morning we will do a little house hunting with the realtor, and my flight leaves at 5:30 to head back to the motherland.

OK - I will check in again sometime after I get back to Mexico. Hope everyone has a fun, safe and happy Easter / Passover :)

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