Thursday, April 20, 2006

Random thoughts.......

The guy who sells these fried cinnamon tostada shell things got a haircut.

I really like the Foo Fighters CD - Part 2 Acoustic version - that's the side that's not all headbanger.

Pat O'Brien rocks my socks.

I got summoned for Jury Duty in Wayne County for next Tuesday. I won't be there. Luckily, I can fax them my drivers liscence (with my Sag-nasty address on it) and I don't have to go. I just hope they don't call Saginaw County and summons me there.....

87 degrees is way too F'n hot. I prefer our mornings, which are like 45. Its nice and refreshing. 87 just makes me want to melt. I'm sure this is just the beginning....

Green Tea is yummy.

Insurance Sucks My Ass. Huge. All types - car, health, whatever. They can all kiss my half breed ass.

Mexicans are very conscious of the environment, at least 50% of them carpool, and 50% of those people have at least 10 people in the car.

I miss my friends. For some reason I don't reach out enough to them on my own. Maybe I need a kick in the ass.

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