Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Garlic Hummus

I am still officially on the bandwagon of my weight loss journey even though I was temporarily derailed over Easter. I joined to help me along the way. I know whats better to eat - but its just easier if I have a preset menu seeing as how i am lacking in the culinary department. I've actually been cooking some pretty yummy things!

today, i tried my hand at making hummus, yet another item that is not available in Mexico. it called for 3 cloves of garlic. i love garlic, so i almost always add an extra clove or two into whatever i am making. it probably wasn't a good choice for this dish. don't get me wrong, it was very yummalicious - but i only ate a tablespoon full and i don't think i will stop burping garlic for days. i think i was sweating garlic earlier. it is so bad, that when i tried to chew a piece of gum, it just ended up tasting like garlic mint. which, really, wasn't too bad of a combination :P

I also found these cute little trackers to log my weight and minutes for the various challenges i am doing. they are way too cute!

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