Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm Home!

We got in safe and sound on late Wednesday night. Thursday was spent just chillin around Pat O'Brien's apartment until the O'Donnell family joined us. I drank lots of beers before we even got to the Red Wings game. Drank a couple more at the game. By time we got home to Pat O'Brien's brother's house, I did not feel very good at all. I took a shower, and headed to sleep.

This morning I felt OK, I've definitely seen better days, and definitely can't hang as well as I used to! I'm getting too old! So, now, we're getting cleaned up and showered and we'll head to the 'Naw to see my fam! I was pretty fortunate to be able to see both families while I'm home :) It doesn't always work out that well!

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