Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I’m a Big Girl Now

I arrived at Mexico City’s Benito Juarez Airport late last night, but I still manager to catch the last bus to Toluca. The bus only costs 100 pesos, so it beats a 600 peso cab ride! I was pretty proud of myself, because even though I was an emotional wreck the entire flight home, I still managed to not break down after getting to the airport and managed to get home by myself. Its sort of a big deal, I’ve been pretty dependant on Keith for lots of things, and now that he’s gone I have to re-learn how to be a big girl and depend on myself. Which isn’t such a bad thing, I suppose – but its much easier to depend on someone else.

I did however realize that I hate HATE hate taking taxi’s late at night. I do not feel safe at all! It was just a short ride from the bus station to my house, but I was white knuckled the whole way. Pretty much sucked. I will have to do it at least one more time when I go back to Chicago in May…..because Keith won’t be home yet.

One more thing that stunk about the trip home, is they asked for volunteers to give up their seat to stay an extra day in Chicago for a $500 flight voucher and a ticket on the same flight the next day. I pretty much jumped out of my seat and flew to the counter – I was there before he even finished the announcement. I was first in line, but it turned out to be a big tease. There was just enough room for everyone. Pretty much broke my heart, and I bawled the whole way home. It would have been, like, getting a free ticket to spend an extra day with Pat O’Brien – not a tough decision there.

The trip home was nice, but of course too short. Monday morning Pat O’Brien and I went with his realtor to do a little house hunting. Whoa. Huge shock to my system. Bouku Bucks for not so big places. I am going to have to do a LOT more purging if we are going to merge households. I thought I did pretty good from moving to a 2500 sq ft place to a 1200 sq ft place – but now we’re probably going to go down to 950 sq ft, and having two households….I’m going to have to watch a few episodes of Clean Sweep to get me in the mood.

We found a couple places that were very nice though – they were both courtyard units that were gutted and rebuilt brand new, very pretty. In a super cute area too – called Lincoln Square on Chicago’s north side. We also saw a couple that were pretty much right on Lake Michigan, with the most amazing views of Belmont Harbor, the beach, and lake. I could just plop a chair in front of the window and stare for hours. Unfortunately, views don’t make up for small spaces and / or orange paint. We’re hoping that he has it narrowed down by time I come in May, and that we’ll be able to make a decision then. Keep your fingers crossed!

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