Tuesday, December 05, 2006

And now…….your moment of Scrap.

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything scrapalicious…….so here are some of my favorite recent layouts. I’ve been retro-scrapping lately. I recently discovered a plethora of older pics when I was cleaning up my disk on my computer…..so I thought I’d bust out a few of those

::::::::::::::::::::::ST MARYS GLACIER::::::::::::::::::::::
Template - Traci Reed Photo Collages; Paper, ribbon, cardboard - Julie Howard Kim Giarusso Urban Trash; Leaf, eyelet, brads - Jen Wilson; Circular Date Stamp - Jen Star; Drop Shadows - Traci Murphy; Font - Jailbird Jenna, My own handwriting created by September Myles

Journaling Reads: With our 4x4’s we would head up into the mountains for a day of romping around. This trip, we went with Priscilla and Mark to camp out near the Glacier - I believe it is still in Clear Creek County. It was a short drive, but it was fun - lots of beautiful vistas, a few nice rivers to traverse. I don't think Troy and I stayed that night - we probably drove home due to my anxiety issues - but it was fun while it lasted!

::::::::::::::::::::::CHRISTMAS 2002::::::::::::::::::::::
Template - Heather Heinzer; Kit - Shannon Lee - Victorian Christmas; Alpha - Courderoy Alpha - Shannon Lee; Fonts - Thirsty for Souls, Arial; Drop Shadow Actions - Traci Murphy

Journaling Reads: Christmas is always full of fun at our home. This year, we captured a few of our cousin’s kids enjoying the fun! Erik & Michael (Cindy & Tiny Castillo’s kids), Brianna & Zach (David Hernandez’s kids), and Zach & Cecilia (two of Gina & Jav Ruiz’s kids) were all caught in action. Also caught on film - Grandma Medel, Mom (behind Erik & Chino) as well as the Mayer family (Karin, Troy, Keith, Kyle, Karli, Chino & Samson)!

Kit - Shannon Lee Bubble Gum Girl; Crochet Lace - Shannon Lee Croched Lace #1; Frame - Shannon Lee Frame It Up; Word Art Tags - Jen Wilson; Staple - Lauren Bird; Drop Shadow Action - Traci Murphy; Warming Action - Holly McCaig; Font - Gigli

Journaling Reads: The children of my cousins are just way too adorable! Here are Cassie & Monique, as well as Cecelia & Ericka playing outside at Grandma Dora’s house. May 2002.

And, here are some of the more recent photos…..

::::::::::::::::::::::WAITING FOR THE RED LINE::::::::::::::::::::::
Kit - Shakespeare's Canvas by Marcie Reckinger; Torn Cardboard - Gina Cabrera; Drop Shadow Actions - Traci Murphy; Fonts - Susie's Hand, Edwardian Script

Journaling Reads:
Waiting for the Red Line Train,
Thorndale Stop, 2006 October 1

I love these photos of you Patrick. You look so contemplative, adorable with your hair sticking up in back, and incredibly sexy in that jersey - all some of my favorite parts of you, caught on a pretty much ordinary day. We were standing here waiting for the red line train so we could hit up BW3 and grub down on some wings and beer. It wasn't a particularly monumental trip, but it sticks out in my head - I guess sometimes the memories we make are unexpected, especially when we're doing nothing important at all.

::::::::::::::::::::::WARM BLANKET OF LOVE::::::::::::::::::::::
Papers, flourish, frame, tags - Jen Wilson Meaning 7; Alpha - Shannon Lee Corduroy, Tiff Brady Pin, Michelle Coleman Handstamp; Beads - Michelle Underwood; Font - Poesie Noire, Bosshole, Batik Regular

This is an entry for Jen Wilson's Meaning 7 Challenge. I chose to use the prompt "comfort", because that completely describes where I am right now in my relationship - even when we're out in the freezing cold, its still lovey dovey warm when he's around :)

Journaling Reads:

Being in Love.

Hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

Sitting outside in the cool mountain air, while sitting in a steaming hot tub, sipping cheap champagne and nibbling rocky mountain chocolate.

Hearing the sounds of the still earth around us.

Being at peace.

The trip we took was short, just a couple days before our meetings started, and it was such a fantastic decision. Really, anytime I am with you, Patrick, I am always secure, happy and comfortable. But this last trip was extra special. Thanks for going along with me and my crazy ideas, and thank you for wrapping my world in a blanket of security, and for letting me love you!

::::::::::::::::::::::IT IS::::::::::::::::::::::
Elements, Alpha - Jen Wilson Meaning 8; Papers - Jen Wilson Merry Days 6; Font – Decker; Drop Shadow Actions - Traci Murphy

Journaling Reads:
It is being good to each other

Try to restrain

the anger

the poison

the hurting each other knowingly

It is not taking each other for granted

Try to appreciate

the laughter

the love

the small things we do to show we care

It is growing together

Try to ensure

the respect

the dreams

the realization of a long and fruitful tomorrow

I love you

The most important thing

is you and I

working together

to make sure this is it!

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Cindy Castillo said...

Hey Karinski,

Cool stuff...this is only the second time I've looked at your blogg.

The picture of the girls are actually pictures of Samantha.

Erick got a kick out of the pictures. You'll have to check out his my space to see more recent pics. He is all grown up now!

Love Ya,
Cindy Lou