Friday, December 15, 2006

I {HEART} getting money when I'm not suspecting it!!!

December is a great month. Its the month of my birthday, Christmas, the end of the year, peppermint mocha at Starbucks, snow - there are just so many things I love about it!

I just fell in love with it again! I got paid by Apasco today, and lets just say I'll be Ho Ho Hoing it all the way to DEBT FREENESS baby :o) Officially my first Debt free Christmas! This is just really flipping exciting! I got FOUR different bonuses this month -
  • Savings bonus. Apasco takes out dough every month, puts it in savings, then gives it back every six months plus interest
  • Apasco 8% matching bonus on that savings
  • Aguinaldo. This is Mexico Law. They have to give you a 50% of your monthly salary as a December bonus. Lucky for me, Apasco gives 150%!
  • Prima Vacacional. Another Mexican Law...You get it every year on your anniversary. its essentially a bonus of 80% of your daily salary for the amount of vacation you have. For example - if I get paid $100 a day, and have 10 days vacation - I would get a bonus of 80% of $1000 - $800! Not too shabby!

Now, all of this isn't just extra money. I'm essentially being paid the same total amount as I was the US, I'm just getting it at different times....but it seems like extra money because I've adjusted my spending habits to account for the reduced monthly salary I get. Not sure if any of this makes sense.........

The important thing is that I can pay off my bills, and get married Debt free, as in my original plan! Its just exciting to know I can do that!!!

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