Wednesday, December 20, 2006

One day left......

in 24 hours or so I'll be landing in Chicago :O) SOOO excited! This will be the first Christmas season of family parties that Pat O'Brien & I have attended together. Last year, I came home and we went to Christmas Eve mass at the Holy Name Cathedral, and it was marvellous! But, on Christmas Day he flew to spend the holiday with his parents in Tuscon, and I went to Saginaw to be with my family.

Originally, Keith and I weren't planning on coming home in 2005 since we just left about a month prior to Christmas.....but after spending Thanksgiving solo we decided we wanted to come home because it just sucks spending holidays without your family. If you like your family anyway - which we do!

So this year, we'll be in Chi-town for a couple of days, then hit the road for about a week travelling between Indiana, the 'Naw and Clarkston to spend some QT with family and friends. I'm very much looking forward to it, even though it will be a lot of driving. Pat O'Brien gets kinda cranky when he has to spend a lot of time in the car.....I don't really mind it that much. Probably because I fall asleep right away if I'm not driving......

Tonight, I'm going to go get my birthday present from my parents - they gave me some cash to do with what I wish.......I chose a SPA treatment! they had a special here at a local hotel spa for $800 pesos - 3 hour treatment - one hour massage, one hour pedicure and one hour hydrating facial. I can't wait! Then I'll be all relaxed when I start packing :o) We leave tomorrow morning (we being Milo and I) around 5:30Am or so.....keep your fingers crossed that all goes smoothly!!

I'll be back sometime after the new year - so until then, I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe holiday, and a fabulous new year!!!!!

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