Monday, December 18, 2006


No, I'm not a renissance wierdo - I just like that word.

I accepted a job offer today - so I know what I'll be doing when move back to the US of A! Whooo HOOO! Bad news though - they put the Kaibosh on the more money thing though, despite my well thought "they can't say no" proof reasons. I was pretty miffed - but its not as if I'm underpaid right now.....I'll just have to seriously WOW them so I get like a million percent raise come March of 08!

And now........from Cute Overload..........Bert the pupp-a-roo. You have GOT (and I'm serious, I mean GOT) to read his short story of his socks BY CLICKING HERE. Comeon now, you know you wanna!

Ohhhhh - I just can't stop giggling when I see this! He's too flippin miserable/cute!!!!! I just want to snorgle him!!!!!

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