Sunday, December 17, 2006

I thought it was going to be a nice day!

It started out well - we made it to the airport with plenty o' time, and even saw this cute Bochito "haulin" a load of balloons. Exactly the reason why I carry my camera in my purse!

But, alas, that was our last minute of peace. Keith's plane was 4 hours late, he missed his connection in Detroit, so he and my little Thalia are there for the night, until the first plane out tomorrow morning.

I also had to cancel my original flight, because when I checked in to see if my cat carrier was accepted they told me there were absolutely positively NO animals allowed in the passenger cabin........even though when I booked the ticket it was OK. *sigh* Long story - but after much calling and running around and crying - here I am with a new flight on American Airlines, and a $580 cancelled AeroMexico ticket (yay! i get to use it sometime in the next year! lucky me!). The good news is that I get to come home early!

So, now, I shall sleep. I didn't get anything completed that I wanted to get done today, but at least my travel plans are confirmed, and both of my kitties are safe and warm.

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