Monday, December 04, 2006


:::::::::::::::NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER AGAIN:::::::::::::::

It happened again – I blinked and my weekend was over. Pat O’Brien left Toluca this morning at 5:00 AM on the Caminante bus to Mexico City. I’m pretty sure I’m NEVER going to drive to Mexico City’s airport again. Ever. EVER EVER EVER EVER. Well, I actually think I have to take Keith there in two weeks because he’s taking one of the cats with him…..but aside from that – NEVER AGAIN.

Why, you ask? Well, Thursday night I decided it would be so much easier to pick up Pat at the airport instead of having him take the bus to Toluca. WRONG! Keith and I left our house at 6:30 – thinking that even with heavy traffic we’d arrive at 8:30PM – right when Pat was scheduled to arrive. NOPE. There was MEGA traffic – worse than I’ve EVER been in my life – and it took us 6 HOURS to get to the airport. Yeah, you heard me right – SIX FLIPPIN HOURS. The main artery to the airport was closed for reconstruction, and on top of that it was a three day weekend, so there were a shit ton of people trying to get the hell out of Dodge.

Normally, if there was such a hellacious delay, it wouldn’t be a problem in today’s communication friendly world. However, Pat’s cell doesn’t work in Mexico – and even if it did my cell was not functioning (I forgot to charge it because I’m a big giant dork brains). So, we were over 4 hours late to pick him up, and there was absolutely no way for us to get a hold of him and tell him.

I was so freaking out….crying and the like. I did not want to make him think we were kidnapped and dead in a ditch somewhere. It was an absolutely horrific feeling, and I apologized profusely throughout the weekend. We found him in the bus station lobby – where there are some pretty comfy chairs, phones and internet service. He was pretty happy that we were OK, but even happier, I think, that this was his last trip to Mexico. He isn’t really a big fan of this country – but thank the sweet lord he loves me to pieces and was a trooper and toughed it out the five trips he made down here. I’ll forever be grateful!

:::::::::::::::BACK SEAT PEEING:::::::::::::::

Does anyone know what its like to be in a car 6 hours when you’re only expecting to be in two? One thing I would have done differently – not drank the 24 oz green tea on the way there. I had to pee like a MoFo! I actually ended up trying to pee in a bottle at about hour 3, but didn’t have much luck. Guys are much better equipped for that sort of thing. I got half in the bottle, half on the tissues trying to protect the bottle, and another half all over the back seat and floor. Yeah, that’s right – I peed all over my car. It had to be done though – there was no other choice. There isn’t a McDonalds every three miles to stop at, you know? And you just don’t pull over in unknown parts of Mexico City. That’s how you end up car jacked and sliced up. No thanks – I’ll take peeing on my car any day.

:::::::::::::::WEEKEND ACTIVITIES:::::::::::::::

We didn’t really do much, as is our plan – we don’t want spend money nor do we want to shove 1000 things in three days. We spent a lot of time lounging around watching football – then headed to the mall a time or two to go eat and the like. We also stopped by Caliente so the boys could place a few bets – Pat won one out of three bets – and ended up about $10 in the hole – I don’t think Keith won anything.

Saturday night we rented a couple movies and downed a 24 pack of Noche Buena – a seasonal dark beer that is produced here. Its very yummy, and VERY potent. I think about a 5.9% alcohol content. Needless to say we were pretty silly that night. The evening ended when I was trying to read Pat a wordless picture book about a snowman – and he launched the snowman which went flying across the room and knocked over my cup of water I was trying to drink – all over me, the book, the snowman and the couch. I think I stormed up the stairs in fake disgust….but I couldn’t stay mad for long because the whole situation gave him a serious case of the giggles…..and its hard to be mad at someone when A) the situation was just ridiculous to begin with and didn’t warrant any anger and B) they are completely adorable in a fit of laughter.

:::::::::::::::BIRTHDAY FUN:::::::::::::::

I got my birthday present from Pat O’Brien! Two sets of awesome PJ’s and a matching pair of fuzzy slippers. It was pretty hilarious because we just talked about PJ’s on our last trip – he said there was NO way he would ever buy me flannel PJ’s because that means I’ll start to say “I’m all cuddled up and cozy warm and you can’t touch me because I’m covered in flannel!” – which I thought was just ridiculous. :o) Anyway, so I got one pair of blue flannel PJ’s covered in cute little penguins, and another silky satiny yummy sexy pair, black with red stripes.

It was just awesome because he didn’t even ask what I wanted, he just got them for me – and it is a perfect present. Thanks Babe! Really, I adore PJ’s – it all started when I worked at Victoria’s Secret….they had such cute sets there many moons ago! There isn’t a type of clothing I like more.


All in all, it was a very fun, relaxing weekend. And I also had a milestone – no tears at all when Pat O’Brien left! Not last night, not this morning when I dropped him off! I’m sure that has everything to do with the fact that I’ll see him in a little over two weeks for Christmas, and more so that we’ll be together for good in a little over 10 weeks. YIKES! That is not a long time! It will be here before I know it – which means I should probably get back to work 

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Anonymous said...

TMI on the pee-car incident! Yuck. Anyway, glad to hear you guys had a great weekend and that the wait is almost over. Looking forward to seeing you in Michigan later this month. Have a safe trip home!