Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Monday!

:::::::::::::::BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT:::::::::::::::

A shout out to Lori - an ol' college roomate/buddy who shares the birthday next to mine :o) She's in Seattle now, after a stint in Houston, finishing up her Doctorate in Neuro Psychology. One smart cookie, she is! She'll be finished soon - so best of luck to you girlie and have a great birthday!!!

:::::::::::::::WEEKEND ACTIVITIES:::::::::::::::

Saturday was our company's Holiday Party - complete with fantastic food, liberal libations and great music. And I even won a top prize - a 21" TV :) I haven't checked it out yet - I'm trying to see if I can score a camera instead....since Pat and I already have like, 20 TV's between the two of us. I'm sure if I can't score the camera, I'll put the TV to good use!

:::::::::::::::I'M FALLING APART!!!!!:::::::::::::::

I've been rather ill since Friday - Friday and Saturday I had the stomach ickies - yesterday was OK, but now I feel like hairy ass because I'm all congested and stuff. Its just no fun. I have, like, a negative immune system. I just want to be healthy for pete's sake! To top off this fun, I also have had this strange rash / pimple forest on my back for the past month or so, which is now accompanied by these little circular dry patches that, I'm sure, will quickly become oozing lesions. That, and a bruise which appeared in July on my right thigh and hasn't gone away since. Oh, and I have a numb spot on my left thigh that is very mysterious - that showed up about two weeks ago. I'm pretty sure its the beginning stages of lepracy. *sigh* where is a good dermatologist when you need one?

Oh one more malady - I think I have a cavity. Its on my bottom left side - and although it doesn't hurt like a MO FO when I drink cold stuff, it is kind of sensitive. I'll keep an eye on it, its bothered me for the past few days, but I'm hoping it just goes away with two extra daily brushings and flossing. I don't want to go to a Mexican Dentist. I'm afraid I'll come out with a gold grill or something like that! Actually, I'd be afraid to go to an Amercian Dentist at this point too. I mean, its great and all that I've taken care of my teeth and that I don't have any cavitites, but at the same time, 28 years and 364 days of cavity free living tends to build up the whole cavity repair catastrophe in your head. I've envisioned something just short of the animation of Frankenstein on my head.......not the kind of good vibe happy thoughts you want in your head right before you sit in the dentist chair.

:::::::::::::::REPATRIATION BUSINESS:::::::::::::::

Aside from that - I have to engage in some salary negotiation today.....give me good vibes that it all goes well! Apparently I am supposed to have the job offer from the other potiential job this week as well - which is good! I think I have made up my mind, but I have to see both offers before I am absolutely sure!!!!

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