Monday, September 08, 2008

Haircuts and turning 1

Every day I look at little man Liam and just marvel at how much he's grown. He's not my baby anymore :( He's a big boy!!! He got a haircut today, and of course, I cut it too short so he looks even MORE grown up....I can't believe he's turning one in a couple short weeks!!!!

Here's the before shot from yesterday....check out his new kicks Daddy bought him on his way home from a business trip!!!:

"Awww mom - my hair is too long and scraggly. Daddy says I look like a hippie."

And the after shot this afternoon.....*sigh* so grown up - high and tight!!! Also, Liam has been doing this thing lately that is way too cute for his own good. He sticks his tongue out while he's concentrating on something.....the crazy thing is, Pat does it too! As does his brother and his kids. Crazy, eh?

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