Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Liam Breakin' it Down

Liam really does crack me up! As much as I lament over him growing up and getting bigger, its soooo cool when he picks up a new skill! His latest and greatest.....dancing and clapping! He really only dances to Rock N Roll though - the other genres he could take or leave :) Ahhh, already showing his daddy's pickiness!


Kate said...

I'm so psyched to be able to check out your blog! It's awesome! I love the dancin'! ANd your comments crack me up. So sweet! Missing you guys at recipe exchange.

LibraQueen said...

I love that you were playing "Bobby Brown" in the background! Ha ha ha! I forgot I promised your mom I'd squish Liam into my bag (to bring him back to his Grandma) when we visited Chicago! Too bad I didn't, he seems like quite the little entertainer...he could have kept the girls happy on the train ride home! ;D