Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We had a blast in Indiana! We saw one of Shannon's cross country meets (my first one, very exciting), played bags, listened to music, played lots of MarioKart on Wii, drank some beers, had some seriously fantastic meals and of course, took oodles and oodles of photos!! Check them out at Flickr when you get a chance :) I even took family photos of the "Indiana O'Briens", but I haven't uploaded those. They came out sooo nice :) I was pretty proud of myself!

I discovered I really do like dirty martinis, especially with blue cheese stuffed olives. YUMM-O!!

Here's a cute family pic before we got eaten by mosquitos:

In this pic, Liam was doing one of his new tricks....giving "Pretty Eyes" - he makes this silly little mouth and then bats his eyes over-exaggeratedly :) Its really cute!

Thanks O'Briens for having us over :) We had a fab-u time!

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