Sunday, September 28, 2008

what's good for the goose

Soooo - whatever nastiness Liam had for his stomach virus / diarrhea-ness apparently was lovingly transported to me. Last night, I had some serious, uh, bathroom issues - complete with waking up a couple times during the night and having chills and such. I didn't feel much better this morning, but managed to shower and go to church without yakking all over the place. Actually, there hasn't been much barfage at all despite the consistent urge to do so. I finally ate some chicken noodle soup at about 4:00pm, the first meal of the day for me. I feel slightly more human....only slightly.

:::::::::::: HOME SELLING ISSUES :::::::::::

I know its a shitty market - I think we all know that. But still, it doesn't make it hurt any less that no one wants to buy our home! I love my it seems like someone else should love it too. And since they don't, by association they don't like me either. I know its a far stretch to make that association (nor should it really matter) - but that's how I feel sometimes. We've been on the market now for about 90 days-ish (not absurd at all in the molasses market). On the bright side, our realtor, the Great Adrian, is doing a bang up job getting us out there, and we've had quite a bit of traffic with people coming to look through. If only the right people out there would find us - the world would be right.

Adrian and I are going to start looking at properties to help narrow down our future home search. In addition to bringing house selling karma, I would like to have a better idea how far our money will go and where the best neighborhoods to search are. I held off doing it because I didn't know when / if our place would sell. But now, I'm certain our home WILL sell, so to maintain that positive vibe we're going to move forward. Make sense? If not - its not all that surprising since I haven't eaten much today.

:::::::::::: MOMENT OF ZEN :::::::::::

My son is cute. That is all.

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The Bacinos said...

awww,man.. sending you feel good vibes, sistah!

as far as your,de-clutter, probably already know that :) less stuff the the better, right? hide all of liam's toys. also, lighting...turn on all the lights when you're showing, day or night! you probably know that too :) i know what your going thru.we had to do it when we were selling our little condo in logan square in a not so great part of the t, we had to "stage" it up big time.

anywhoo, it's all about the "secret" you got it! "law of attraction" that shit!LOL!