Tuesday, September 16, 2008

VIVA Mexico!!

Today is the 16th of September, Mexico's Independence Day! To all my Mexican friends and family, I say


It was not just two years ago when I was drunk in Metepec's Zocalo, ending the night in a multicultural celebration at an Englishwoman's home. I was crying and bawling by the end of that night wondering how on Earth Bush had turned the tables and made the world hate America (or rather, him). That's why you shouldn't drink and discuss world politics. Also, it was the very last time I had a cigarette and rode in an Old School VW bug. AND, the very last time I wore a giant sombrero. I lost it that night.... I purchased it in said Zocalo and left it at said Englishwoman's. It said "Viva Mexico Cabrones".

Now....I celebrate with my family...my sweet husband and darling son...quietly while drinking a glass of wine. There will be no offical Gritos here....but rest assured Mexico will always be in my heart :)

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