Saturday, September 13, 2008

Liam and I are famous!

A while ago you may remember that Liam and I were models in a photo shoot in exchange for a beautiful Gypsy Mama wraps.....Loved it so much I bought another one :)

Well, they're in the process of renovating the site, and our model photos are up!!!

Come check us out!
Isjoha Baby Bali Stretch

Fortuna Baby Bali Stretch

It kind of makes me a bit reminiscent. He looks so itty bitty there! I think it was around March? So he was about 6 months old....we don't use our wraps too much anymore. I would always turn to them if I was going to be carrying him for a long period of time, which doesn't happen much these days since Liam is all crazy runnin' about! And man, is that kid HEAVY! He much prefers hanging out in the stroller, or I have an Ergo that I use for quick trips on and off the bus. I think the last time I wrapped was 4th of July weekend? We were on a boat, so a stroller just wasn't going to cut it.

Aaahhh, but the beautiful and snuggly! I have the Fortuna (and a Bali Baby Breeze Lalita) and they are such nice wraps. I've used it for Serene (Adrians daughter) a couple of times recently and its so nice to have a warm baby strapped to your chest :)

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