Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good news and bad news

so, which do you want first? Bad news - OK. I found out yesterday that a friend from the Dundee Plant died unexpectedly. Its not like we were best friends, but we talked quite a bit while I was working in Ann Arbor, and I always appreciated his kindness and willingness to help me when I was in a jam. He had a plethora of health issues for many years, but I still was shocked to hear he died.

The news of his death really has shook me - for a couple reasons.

1. I thought I had more time to drop him an email or give him a call to say hi. I actually thought last week about giving him a call, but of course life gets in the way and you push it aside......and then, its too late. Thats always the way, isn't it? It takes a death to make you realize who you need to tell you care about.....

2. I can't go to the funeral. If there is a funeral - I'm not even sure. I think the issue is that basically I feel alienated, just so so so far away. God forbid anything happened to my family - I can't just jump in a car and drive home. It just bothers me.

OK, good news. I didn't win the ultimate scrapbook challenge, but I did win "The women of our lives" challenge at ACOT. Take a look see here....ACOT Challenge Winners. I won a $25 gift certificate with which I bought all sorts of cool stuff. I actually was pretty darn excited about it! But, in perspective in the big scheme of things, its not that big of a deal, is it?

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Daly said...

I'm so sorry for the death of your friend. Yes, It really is important to tell the ones we love (Or just admire or appreciate) how we feel and not put it off.

-And love your layout too!