Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Productivity and weekend plans

well, i had a very productive day today at work. I finished updating my development plan and adding all the attached files to it. I also managed to clear off ALL the stray papers on my desk. Granted, they were in nice little piles, all over my desk, but they were papers without a home nonetheless. I organized them, 3 hole punched them and stuck them into appropriate binders. I filled two 3 inch binders and one 2 inch binder. My desk looks so naked and clean now! i wonder how long it will last......hopefully for a while, i don't want to take another 3 hours 6 months from now and do it again.

So, after getting a project like that done I am filled with a new sense of efficiency - i feel so productive and motivated to do lots of different things now. i hope this feeling lasts until tomorrow, because I am about to head home.

Keith's friend Heidi is flying in tomorrow, so I'm kind of excited for that. It will be cool having one of Keith's friends around instead of making him entertain my friends. Then, Pat O'Brien comes in TWO MORE SLEEPS!!!!! I can't wait! I get off work early on Thursday, so I will get home just about the same time his bus comes in. Oh yeah, he's taking the bus in from the airport to Toluca. I hope all goes smoothly - I'm not very good about giving directions. I think I might have Keith make a map when he goes to pick up Heidi so I can scan it and send it to Pat. I'll feel better about it that way. Really, El Caminante (the bus line) is a really great way to go. It takes about 15 - 30 longer, but they show a movie and give you snacks and have really comfy chairs. And you can sleep :) And its only $100 pesos - which is only $50 pesos more than the toll to get to the airport. Then on Friday I get a half day, which means we'll probably go to a bar or something for lunch and to watch La Selección play. Should be a good time!

Lets see, what fun do we have schedueled for this weekend...I'm pretty sure we're going to a water park on Saturday - it is a traditional water park with all the fun stuffs, but it also is the site of hot springs, so they have a few natural thermal pools and such that are supposed to have magical secret healing powers. The best part is that its relatively cheap - we get a whole day of non-stop fun for $15 each. That sure beats Soak City's $40 admission! Sunday - which by the way is Keith's 26th birthday - I think we're going to go to La Marquesa, which is a national park between here and DF. They have horseback riding, go cart racing, food, nature and all that jazz. Thats all I have planned. Oh, and there are a few new restaurants I want to try out, but thats not that big of a deal and doesn't require us to leave Toluca. You know, I have a tendancy to over plan things and try to squeeze too much into a short time, so I'm trying to take it easy. Its a new feeling for me, but I have a feeling it will work out well.

OOOOOhhhHHHhhHHH! Tomorrow is supposed to be the big day where we close on our new home! In actuality though, I'm not 100% sure its going to happen. There were a few things from the inspection that the sellers didn't want to take care of, and then there was some confusion with some stuff, and as of last night Pat hadn't heard for certain what the deal was. Its stressful being in limbo. Its even more stressful having Pat take care of all the stuff, and watching him be a stressball. He's at the walk through right now though, so I assume that means everything is a go.

OK, time to go get a hair cut. Maybe I'll get my eyebrows done too. I don't know though - I'm afraid they'll give me cholo painted on eyebrows. That is a scary thought.

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