Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Good Weekend

This weekend flew by! It seemed like just yesterday Pat O'Brien and Heidi arrived, and now they are gone. I think Keith and Heidi are on thier way to the airport right now, actually.

We had a good time - we watched some world cup action, drank some brewskis, ate lots of good food, went to a cool kick ass water park, and had some other fun experiences in between. On Saturday, after visiting Cosmovitral and picking up Keith from work, we....or rather I....decided I really wanted to try to go horseback riding. I've been dying to do it ever since we got here. In the area of La Marquesa, which is halfway between Toluca and DF, they have lots of outdoorsy picnic type stuff to do, and there is always a ton of horses just waiting to be ridden.

Well, it was a good idea - the clouds looked a little forboding in the east, but we decided to head that way anyway. If it rained we could always turn around. The weather held basically until two minutes into the ride. Little drops of rain weren't a big deal, and we were headed into the forest anyway so the foliage would give us some cover - right? Wrong. Not only did the temperature drop about 20 degrees and started torrential down pouring, but we also got pelted with hail not once, but TWICE! Now, this sucked, don't get me wrong, but it sucked the worst for Keith. All of us had on hats and jackets - but not Keith. Just a short sleeved rugby shirt and his own hair.

At one point after we turned around to head back and it started hailing again, the horses were SO not into it. We were pretty much walking right into it. So, the horses (Viento del Oro for Pat O'Brien, Indio for me) decided to turn the other way and chill a bit. I didn't blame them - it was horrid. We eventually got them to turn back around and follow the crowd...all the way to the car.

Oh yeah, and my horse stepped in something it didn't like (or was spooked by the thunder), and decided to buck about three times. Enough to almost throw me off and hit me in the head with its neck. I was kind of scared, but managed to hold on and calm it back down, so it turned out OK.

When we got to the car we peeled off our outer layers and threw them in the back, and headed home. I actually took off my jeans too, because in my opinion there is nothing in this world worse than cold, wet jeans. We didn't get many pics on the ride, but there is a couple of us soaked in the car....

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