Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Bitching (warning...due to colorful language may not be suitable for Children under 17)

I am just in the shittiest mood ever. They say “Estoy de malas”……I suppose that fits right now. I wasn’t in the greatest mood to begin with this morning, but there’s nothing to tank your mood than a crazy stupid ass bus driver. I was in my lane, driving like any other normal person would, when this big ass bus driver (not the normal buses, mind you, but the large passenger long trip buses, which are supposed to be less nuts) started creeping over into my lane – while I was half way past him! Look asshole, just because your huge doesn’t give you the flippin’ right of way to change lanes whenever you damn well please without looking for other vehicles that MIGHT already be there!!! So, as he was almost crashing into my passenger side door I slammed on the horn so he would know I was there. THEN THE GUY BEEPS HIS GIANGANTIC HORN ANGRILY AT ME!!! WTF???? You were going to hit ME asswipe – I was there first, I had a right to be there, I don’t HAVE to move out of the way just because you get the whim to change lanes!

But that’s not all. No our friendly bus driver decides to be the king of dick-dom and charge ahead full speed behind me and RIDE my ass. He was so close I couldn’t even see the emblem on the front of his bus. Then he cuts over, almost taking out the rear quarter of my car, and sped ahead. OOhhh, that just pissed me off. I had half a mind to slam on my breaks while he was changing lanes, and if it was a normal size car, I probably would have. But that would have been retarded because obviously it wouldn’t have even dented the buses bumper to ram into me.

*ugh* that just made me angry.

So I get into work and I find out a meeting I have tomorrow goes until 6:30, so I can’t go to another meeting I wanted to attend (ACI México City Chapter) which starts at 5:00. This just sucks because students are going to give a presentation on their university’s first concrete canoe, which I helped them with. And I really want to be involved in this chapter……because I want to improve my chances of receiving an ACI Young Member award at the national convention in the spring….because it would validate my existence in this industry if I got something like that.

THE Other thing (yes, there is more) that miffs me off is that I haven’t been able to work on any of my projects because there are other projects ahead of me that apparently are more important. People, I DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT! If I don’t complete the mix portion of these projects by the middle of next month, I am not going to be able to complete my mission here, and then this whole assignment will be for naught. What do I have to do??? Get pissed off and yell and scream at people to get them to think my projects are important? Guess what peeps – YOU were the ones who assigned them to me…..YOU were the ones who told me they were incredibly important and URGENT……so why in Gods green earth will you NOT give me the resources to COMPLETE THEM!!!?????!?!?!?

*sigh* I don’t think I really feel any better by getting this out – but hey, I can’t hold it all in, right? Or else I might explode. And that would just be too messy.

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