Thursday, June 29, 2006

Super Cool Other News!

My dad has these dudes that he's been friends with since his football days at SVSU. They used to babysit me when my dad was at class. I've always thought of them as family - I guess Uncles of sort. They are all pretty incredible guys - teachers, coaches, FBI dudes, safety equiptment, rocket scientists. Yeah! A rocket scientist. Well, not really. A mechanical engineer.......he has had some pretty impressive career success as of late - he's one the lead flight director for the Space Shuttle Launch scheduled to take off on Saturday. Yeah, thats like Ed Harris in Apollo 13. Pretty cool, eh?

Here's a few more details, if you'd care to endulge.....The front page of the Saginaw News (lower right hand corner - Anthony (Tony) Ceccacci), or the full story on - Shuttle Job 'A Dream'. It makes me pretty proud to know him!

And, if you'd like, here's a link to watch the launch live at (2:49PM Saturday July 1, weather permitting)

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Carrie Stephens said...

So cool!! you are so lucky to have all these guys in your life! :)