Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Isla Couture

Isla Couture was the name that I submitted in one of my favorite designers "Name My Kit" contest. It wasn't picked as the winner, but I did get the runner up prize....which is actually the kit - free! WhoooOOOOoo HooOOOOoooo! Plus, its just kind of cool to see my name up on someone else's blog :o)

You can see it here at Jen Wilson Designs

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Anonymous said...

Karin - you know I check out your blogs weekly....and then I clicked on your link to see your name. And I'm thinking "Where the hell is Karin?"...And THEN - OOOOHHHHHHHH her name is Karin KESLEY!!!!!! I guess the "Medel" women will always carry their maiden names in my book...Medel, Hernandez, Mayer, Reyes, Argumedo, etc......Connie