Sunday, June 11, 2006

Viva Mexico!

I just finished watching my first ever complete soccer game - Mexico vs. Iran. Mexico won 3 - 1. It was kind of hard to get into, but it was fun to hear my whole neighborhood erupt when they scored a goal.

I watched the game from home because I am nursing myself back to form. Keith went over Fernando's house, but my poor poor headache wouldn't allow me to leave my home. I feel better now, I ate a bit and such, but I am still kind of icky.

My shoulders are sunburned from watching the Wallabies lose 15 - 13 on the last play of the semi-final yesterday. It was a good game, but sad to see them lose. Keith didn't get to play, but he did look super cool rockin' his faux-hawk. He just woke up that way, and thought it looked cool, so he put some product in it and it stayed that way all day. I also got to dog sit on the sidelines a cute little chihuahua named Fia. She was just so tiny and adorable!

After the game, we went to one of the players home - Bruno from Spain and his fiance Karin (she's my Tokaya...thats what they call people who share your name). Their house was beautiful - muy mexicana! And we had about 30 kilos of meat to grill and eat. It was totally yummy. The rest of the evening was spent drinking vodka and tonics and general carrying on. It was a good time. it was my first iPod party - the music was completely provided by an ipod stereo. I don't know why I thought it was so cool, probably because we interchanged iPods and I got to play some from my own collection. It was just fun.

OK, I'm heading to hang my laundry now. Even though I'm not feelig well,it doesn't excuse me from doing house work.

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