Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm alive!!!!!

I made it back this afternoon safe and sound. It was a rather uneventful trip - only about a 20 minute delay at O'Hare, but smooth sailing after that! And, I'm already way ahead of myself since I already went grocery shopping (since I had nothing in the fridge besides some beer and a moldy piece of cheese), unpacked all my luggage (a miracle, I know), set up my TV in my bedroom, AND I'm already blogging! It was rather lonely walking into an empty house though........no kitties, no brother. Nothing but freezing cold! The TV's been keeping me company, though. And now I have my flannel birthday PJ's on so I am warming up.

There was a shit ton of activity over the Holiday. Vaccines, Mayer Family Christmas, Dad's surprise retirement/birthday party, O'Brien Family Christmas......non stop action, really. The last couple days, from the 30th after we got back to Chicago until now, were pretty chill. Just me, Pat O'Brien and the kitties chillin' at our crib. We left New Year's Eve to go visit Millennium Park in Downtown Chicago to go ice skating and sip hot cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows, then ran around a bit to go shopping and such, but aside from that it was lounging around. We cooked a few meals together, which is always enjoyable. I made this awesome cayenne tilapia, with green beans and almond rice pilaf......but it was more southwest tilapia since we didn't actually have any cayenne, but did have some Emeril's Southwest seasoning. I was rather please with how it came out....it was my first try at cooking fish (that's not salmon) and it was rather tasty.

Anyway, I have to spend some time downloading pics and such, so I'm sure I'll elaborate on the plethora of family events later.....but right now, I just want to finish watching the Orange bowl and get myself tired enough to fell asleep right away.......its always tough for me to fall alseep in an empty house - and I want to be bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow so I can get into work and divide and conquer. After all - I do only have a month left here.......and I want to get things done right.......

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