Friday, February 17, 2006


Some people thrive on anticipation. Not me. Suspense and anticipation have a tendancy to make me nauseous. As I am now. Its approximately t-7 hours and counting until Pat O'Brien arrives, and I feel like I am going to upchuck my McPollo sandwich any second now. In a good way I guess.

I feel the same way when I watch intense movies. Well, that and I clench my teeth so much I get migranes (yes, I do utilize a bite plate to keep me from wearing my teeth down to stubs). Which is why I don't like to pay to go to the movie theatre to see a movie like that. Its like, "Hey - here's a great idea Mr. Movie Theatre! Why don't I pay you $15 to sit in here for two hours and come out feeling like I want to yak all over this ugly already mulitcolor carpet while I have a pounding tension headache!". No sir. I'd rather pay my dough to see a comedy or chick flick, where I know there will be no ralphing.

Some of the plans for Pat O'Brien's trip are finalized! We were going to go to a dance on Saturday night, but I want to be refreshed and ready for the Pyramids of Teotihuacán on Sunday, so we're not going to be dancing after all. Saturday will be a lazy day around Toluca. Maybe we will take a trip up the volcano. Then, Monday we head to Acapulco until Thursday! I inquired about all inclusive plans at our hotel, but I don't think it would be a good deal for us. We would only use it for the drinks, and we would have to each drink 14 beers/margaritas each day to make it worth it. While I know Keith and Pat could do it, I certianly can't. Besides, we would feel pressured to stay and eat at the hotel if we got it. I want to experience some of the outside restauruants.......I'm sure that we'll manage to make it work somehow!

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