Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wow. Now that's a pall bearer

Today, as I was driving home for lunch, I came across an usual sight. Keith said he has seen it before, but it was the first time for me. I have seen processions, mostly in celebration of some saint or la virgen. But today, I saw a funeral. Well, first I saw this large arrangement of flowers, kind of like a banner, then I saw a about 100 people bearing lots of flowers, then I saw the casket, riding on the shoulders of 8 men.

Now, when you are a pall bearer for a funeral in the US, you don't have to work that hard, unless there are steps involved. 100 feet, max. These guys were WORKING - the casket was rested on thier shoulders, it was 80 degrees out, and the nearest church was at least a mile from where I saw them, and the closest cemetary was at least 2 miles from that! But there they were, paying thier last respect with thier sweat and tears. Quite a feat, I must say. It left quite an impression on me.

Still, I found it kind of strange to drive by a casket on my lunch hour......

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