Thursday, February 02, 2006


Yes, strikeAsaurus returned last night. I really wish that we had bowling shirts; it would make it so much cooler. And I’m sure it would help my average! There is a team called Las Abuelas (a couple of cute grandma’s) that have cute shirts, they crack me up! My goal last night – one strike each game and pull my average up over 80. I CAN DO EEEET! Actually, I diiiid eeeet! I had one strike (or chusa, if you wil!) per game, and one extra, and I can't remember exactly but my average was, but it was definitely over 80 by at least one or two pins. We ended up winning 5 points out of 8, which was pretty darn good, since you can only win a max of 6 out of 8 (you always get one point for showing up, and another for paying)!

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