Friday, February 03, 2006

My two favorite Mexican kids in Mexico

After purchasing my new tables in Mexico City, we stopped for dinner at good ol' BK. We actually ended up staying there for quite a while, because believe it or not, going out to eat at a fast food restaurant is still a big deal in Mexico! Remember those days as a kid when it was a super duper treat to go to Mickey D's - what joy! what elation!

Thats pretty much what Alex and Fer were like while we were there (after they ate thier food, of course). It was either getting to play, or getting a happy meal - they (they meaning Alex, because Fer can't talk yet) chose juegos. They had a ton of fun in the Area de Juegos de Ninos - as is shown here in these pics. They were in there forever, as can be seen by the sweaty heads and crazy hair - seriously, they are too cute!

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